UM football coach Bobby Hauck visits Havre

The University of Montana Head Football Coach Bobby Hauck (how-ck) was recently in Havre for his state tour and sat down with New Media Broadcasters. Coach Hauck talks about enjoying their free time and taking advantage of it by visiting different Montana communities:

UM Head Football Coach Bobby Hauck – “Well it’s always great to get around the state, Tony, and I love seeing everybody. It’s really the only time of year where we get to relax and hang out with people, and you know, the Tilleman’s are always so gracious hosting us up here at the dealership. It’s really just a fun stop for us on our state tour.”

The Grizzlies have a current Havre native on the roster in Kellen Detrick (dee-trick). Detrick played football amongst other sports during his Blue Pony High School Career, before being recruited and joining Coach Hauck as a Grizzly Detrick red-shirted his true freshman and redshirt freshman years of 2021 & 2022 and is now expected to compete for an expanded role.

Hauck – “Well I’m excited for Kellen, you know, being a small town Montana guy myself. It’s a different world from high school football, and Kellen’s come in and he’s worked really hard. Basically, I’d just say I’m really happy for him. He had a nice spring, he had a really great winter off season. He looks the part. He’s very productive during our fifteen spring practices, and i’m excited for him this fall, ’cause I think he’s going to get some playing time, which he’s earned every bit of it.”

The Grizzlies like most teams are still in the recruitment process, Coach Hauck carries over the conversation about competition with the importance of recruiting to create that competition within the team:

Hauck – “The better the competition is within the program, to get on the field, the better your team’s going to be. The real fact of the matter is you got to keep recruiting. You got to keep developing players to have a year in year out successful college football program. You’ve got to have good depth. You know, we have a hundred plus guys on our roster. We need all those guys to do their best to contribute, and if we can do that, and keep that going, we’ll have a chance to be good. And I think that’ll be the case next fall.”

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